Thursday, August 14, 2014

Consolidation updates: SGA going into Fall Semester

The Student Government at Kennesaw State is looking to form a single student government with Southern Polytechnic following the school's joining together in 2015. The SGA has posted a link on their website to the new up and running consolidation website. The site shows the month by month progress of the consolidation between Kennesaw and SPSU as one Student Government after the schools combine in 2015, which has slightly gone forward since June.

The Consolidation Implementation Committee handles the decision making process regarding the new university's structure, vision, and mission statement. Their membership has expanded, adding twelve faculty members representing the academic schools of SPSU and the degree granting colleges of KSU. This helped extend the CIC from 28 members to 47 members handing the selection process. Two academic deans and department chairs were also added from each school.

The CIC has approved 191 recommendations regarding the 81 Operational Working Groups (OWG's), who is responsible for most of the work on the consolidation. The groups are divided into categories such as Faculty Affairs, Overall University Structure, and Academic Degrees and Programs.  48 of the OWG's were completed in May. Due to long term requirements, the CIC and Expanded Consolidation Implementation Committee (ECIC) have asked for extensions in their work on the other 33 yet to be completed. The list of the people involved with the OWGS can be found at

Changes have been made to ensure the transition of the consolidation moves as quickly as possible. Dr. Ron Koger was named interim president of SPSU by University System of Georgia chancellor Hank Huckaby in late May and Professor Richard Cole, dean of the School of Architecture and Construction Management, was chosen to serve as interim vice president for Academic Affairs. This is following former president Dr Rossbacher and former VPAA Zvi Szafran's decision to accept presidential positions at other universities. In addition, director of recreational sports Karl Staber will serve as interim VP for Student Enrollment Services and Jim Herbert, director of information technology, will serve as interim chief information officer (CIO). Their biographies can be found at

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