Sunday, March 23, 2014

SGA Debate

The great debate for Spring elections took place at Prillaman Hall on Thursday, with our candidates looking to incite excitement in the student body and prepare for the future. The debate featured our President and Vice President candidates. Candidates for President are Alex Templeton, Eric Johnson, Kensley Fields, and current Vice President Khy Chestnut. Vice Presidential candidates are Tkeyah Duke, Je'Nell Hubbard, and Jessica McLeod.

Each candidate had their moment to share their agenda with those who attended, most of them focusing on the future of Kennesaw State and a desire to make our mark known as a more prominent university with the upcoming upgrades to the school. Later on, there were general questions regarding hot topic issues going on in the here and now that each candidate prepared an answer.

The first question was about the Board of Regents voting to create a policy to prohibit the use all tobacco products in the possession of the University System of Georgia and whether they were for or against it and what they would propose to administration about the policy. Most of the candidates opposed the bill in favor of giving students the right to smoke and use tobacco products. There was also the issue on the opposition of creating safer environments to smoke and the health rights of other students that may be sensitive to the smoke.

The second question was what to do about the consolidation with Southern Polytechnic in which the goal is to make them feel welcome and to have more pride as a school before welcoming in newcomers. Because of the negative reaction to the consolidation and the differences in campus culture, there is a desire to create a unity between the two schools.

The final question was about the football team and the new events surrounding the coming of the new teams and the role SGA will play in the new program. There is a lot of excitement about the start of the program and dealing with ticket allocations. The goal is to make sure all students are able to attend, as well as alumni.

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