Friday, March 28, 2014

Headline for the main story

Headline from sidebar that is a Link to Sidebar
By Your Name

            Then do a lead that is not a repeat of the paragraph on the layer one page. Assume the reader did not read the paragraph on the layer one page.
            Asdf;ksdal; f’ksasl f;sa;f sad/

Alsdkf ;’sa sl;af ks;ad lf

After three or four graphs, put in a subhead.

Subhead one

            Then keep going with the story. If you refer to the sidebar topic, underline it and parentheses the headline for the sidebar as if it were a link (headline of sidebar). If you refer to your external link be sure to put it in parentheses also (
Insert your graphic (picture) where appropriate and don’t forget to say in the caption who took the picture. If it’s not immediately clear or obvious what the picture is or who the picture is of, put the person’s name or a brief description of the scene in the caption as well. You could also post your graphic in a separate post. If you do that, be sure to put a headline on the graphic post and link that headline on the homepage. (see below)

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