Thursday, January 17, 2013

Commentary on Manti Te'o Girlfriend Scandal

The breaking news headline amidst the myriad of seriously bad just gal dang terrible journalism no one cares about on January 17, 2013 is that star Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te'o's supposed "hero" story is partially a hoax. Apparently his "girlfriend", who was said to have died the same week as his grandmother, is a fake. Meaning she wasn't dating Mr. Te'o, she didnt really know him, she may have not even known what football was let alone the prestigious history in South Bend where the team under the golden dome and the painted graven image of "Touchdown Jesus" have the moniker of "Playing like a champion today". A tradition they passive-aggressively threw in the garbage can with their 42-14 loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS National Championship last Monday. If that wasn't enough, now they have this. Now whoever the Irish students were that presented this lie of a heartfelt bitter end to an obviously promising relationship that had nothing to do with Manti's success or the sheer fact that he's a football player and was clearly love at first sight and would have turned out like the running back and cheerleader who got engaged after the 2006 Fiesta Bowl (arguably one of the best College Football games of all time) and Manti himself for lying about it this whole time have brought more shame to the once-dominant 2012 football program at the University of Notre Dame. This year's National Championship game, for every minute of a total crap shoot the actual game was, it may become the most notable game in recent NCAA lore for simply being the most controversial off the field. First Brent Musberger is whipped by feminist pariah for his innocent remark of the often agreed upon beauty of Katherine Webb-McCarron, now while AJ gets his hottie, Manti's little lady caller doesn't exist. My only words to say on this subject is this: Mr. Te'o, we all want a girlfriend, okay? I'm a single man myself who would love a relationship more than the lottery or a Republican president back in the office, but sometimes we just dont win here in this life. Not only that, but faking a girlfriend just makes you come off desperate like an actor in a breakout movie. Hey, you didnt get the Heisman, or the crystal ball, but wait until late February. You may give Daniel Day-Lewis a run for his money for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. Just my humble opinion.

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