Sunday, September 28, 2014

SGA Beat 10/1

The Center for Student Leadership attended the SGA meeting on September 18 to discuss their

 newest programs of interest. Their programs are primarily to aid students in different areas of their

college paths. Mentioned on the SGA minutes are the following programs. President Emerging

Global Scholars, which provides international travel and research opportunities, while THRIVE

helps first year students with HOPE scholarship to maintain the scholarship and provides extra

support. Other programs listed include L.E.A.D OWLS is for athletics teaching students athletes

better leadership on and off the field, LINK which helps with peer editing, and Engaged Owl

Leadership for students assuming leaderships roles such as SGA or Residence Assistant.

CSL also announces their new FLY workshops, a series of different free workshops throughout the

year focusing on developing better personal leadership skills. The CSL state on their website that the

workshops are committed to "help each participant to become a better leader on KSU's campus and in

the global community."

Each student attending twelve of the twenty scheduled meetings will be recognized as a FLY

graduate and will receive a completion certificate.

The CSL will come out to classes and events to teach about the CSL and offer leadership counseling

for students who are unaware what to do if they would like to get involved. It will be an advisor to

help get students connected and keep them involved over their college career.

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